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Nature's Original Superfood: Spirulina & Chlorella

100% organic algae based natural superfood supplements

Chlorella and Spirulina: superfood superheroes

Energy booster | Improved immune system | Healthy gut | Heart health promoter

The complete package

High in protein, iron, amino acids, omega-3, calcium, vitamin A and B, and 20+ micronutrients.

All natural, baby.

100% Pure. Organic. Plant-based.

Take care of your body & optimize your health, the natural way.

Vegan, Keto & Gluten Free Friendly

The perfect supplement for all diets. Incorporate in smoothies, mix with water or juice, or add to your favourite meals & baking recipes.

100% Organic and Non-GMO

All products are made without preservatives, coatings, binders, colorings, flavorings, additives, irradiation or chemical processing.

Proudly Canadian

Support local! Our products are inspected, bottled and packaged in Calgary, Canada, and licensed by Health Canada. Commitment to quality is our priority.