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Spirulina Pesto Recipe

Spirulina Pesto Recipe

People often think the only way to consume superfood powders is to throw them in a smoothie. But did you ever think about switching things up and adding them to your favourite recipes? Algae superfood powders are so versatile, and can be incorporated into your favourite meal or dessert, often masking the task more than when consuming in a smoothie.

Today's blog post is sharing a recipe for superfood pesto. Pesto is one of my favourite sauces - the earthy smell from fresh basil, combined with the nuttiness of pine nuts and savoury touch from the parmesan cheese. Not a lot of things come close to freshly made pesto, but this recipe for Spirulina Pesto is might take the cake. It's delicious, high in protein and nutrients and comes together so easily.

This is a great vegetarian and vegan (if you omit the cheese) recipe, perfect for quick and healthy weeknight dinners. With a one tablespoon of spirulina powder, you get 10 servings of vegetables in your meal. This versatile recipe is an easy way to get your greens, hide the (mild) taste of spirulina and switch up from your daily smoothie routine.

RECIPE (serves 4-6)
- 3 cups basil leaves
- 1 cup pine nuts (if not adding cheese), 1/2 cup if adding parmesan
- 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
- 1 tbsp Soleil Superfoods 100% pure organic spirulina powder
- 1 tbsp lemon juice
- 1-2 cloves garlic
- 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese (optional)
- salt to taste

1. Pulse all ingredients (except olive oil) in a food processor or blender.
2. Gradually add oil until everything is finely chopped and combined.
3. Finish with lemon juice
4. Enjoy with your favorite pasta or salad!

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