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Comittment to Quality

All you need is sunshine, water and love

Soleil Superfoods is proud to offer the highest quality chlorella and spirulina in the market. There are many other health food brands that may seem like they all sell the same product, but our commitment to quality is what sets us apart.

Not all algae is created equally. Quality, purity and potency can vary depending on cultivation procedures and growing techniques. 

Our products are imported by Prime Chlorella Distribution Inc, who has been importing algae based products into Canada, from an exclusive grower in Taiwan for 25+ years under the Prime Chlorella brand name. Their products have been exclusively sold and recommended by health care practitioners in Canada and the USA. Our product is also sold under other brands into Japanese and German markets.

The best quality chlorella and spirulina in the world are grown in Taiwan and Japan. Our products are cultivated in Chiayi County, Taiwan in natural sunshine and filtered mineral water. Cultivating algae indoors under light does not provide the same level of potency as those that are meticulously cultivated in natural sunlight.

Our own on-site representative monitors every step of the manufacturing process. Each batch has been tested multiple times at every stage of the growing process to make sure it meets our product specifications. 

The products are cultured without any fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical processing. No additives, fillers, or bindings are used, and we are proud to offer only 100% pure, natural and organic products.  Our final products are tested by two independently certified labs (one in Japan, one in Canada) to ensure the potency, purity and quality of our products. Please contact us if you'd like more information or copies of our results from the lab!

Vegan, Keto & Gluten Free Friendly

The perfect supplement for all diets. Incorporate in smoothies, mix with water or juice, or add to your favourite meals & baking recipes.

100% Organic and Non-GMO

All products are made without preservatives, coatings, binders, colorings, flavorings, additives, irradiation or chemical processing.

Proudly Canadian

Support local! Our products are inspected, bottled and packaged in Calgary, Canada, and licensed by Health Canada. Commitment to quality is our priority.